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November 28th, 2009

Tonight was a huge success, never seen a room full of people dig my art before.

Hence I will re-define retirement. Retirement is in the context of Earthenware as a “musician”, which he was a complete failure at and no one liked, except for half a dozen exceptional people. Earthenware as a poet seems to have a future, so this subsidiary of the Earthenware Corporation will perhaps remain operational while the music division closes down.

I was talking to a friend who worked as a roadie for some big tours lately. Bands like Pearl Jam and Britany Spears have 20-30 semi-trailers full of gear. The main reason for Earthenware’s retirement was that he required several semi-trailers of gear and half a dozen crew for every show. On my current income of $550 a fortnight, and a 10 year career total of album sales amounting to about 5, this was not feasible.

The poetry costs nothing, just bring the vocoder for additional voice effects and a casio for the peices that I can’t read in the right tone without a droning accompaniment to react against.

Highlight of the gig was that there was not a single trendy cunt in the audience. I think most of the audience were much older than me, which confirms my suspicion that I was born 10-20 years too late. But, perhaps it’s not too late after-all to put the mountains of poems to use, but it’s certainly made me feel justified in my hatred of my peer group. The feelings mutual so there’s no love lost.

Another highlight of the show, was that besides the mind-blowingly brilliant performances by ALL of the artists, during Sean’s set, a very wasted, junkie-looking chick who I would assume was from the housing commission across the road, did an impromptu burlesque routine / interpretive dance. This was good because at least she was no longer heckling (which I was tiring of), and she sort of became a part of the performance without harrassing/hurting anyone as such people often find themselves doing. I guess that is the magic of Pi O’s events that he organises, at any other event, randoms like that create a problem. But in this occasion, with some tolerance and understanding everything works out fine.

It’s good to be in places where security isn’t required to play parent/guardian and beat patrons up. I suppose a similar vibe is created at Camp A Low Hum, apparently someone was raving about it because it has no security. It’s ironic, but completely understandable that we feel more comfortable when there’s less security around! In the rich suburb where I live…there is the least amount of crime in the whole state, yet all the new houses have prison-like security entrances. This is ridiculous and funny, because I would feel like a security enterance would be appropriate in (enter outer suburb at end of metro train line name here), but here it’s pointless. Obviously people read too much herald sun and watch too much today tonight. If they actually talked to their neighbours instead of imprisoning themselves, perhaps they’d realize that the TV is not reality and that they’ve wasted $20,000 on a fence and an alarm system that they didn’t even need.

But I digress;

I travelled home on the tram, in the rain. I got saturated and tested the water-tightness of the gig bag. It passed, although i need a lock for the zip because the water peeped in where the zip came apart. It was fun getting drenched (had my instant-dry soccer shirt on) and even more fun being in the city to witness numerous rain-induced wardrobe malfunctions! After watching people got boring, I decided to get the number 6 tram because it seemed the 64 must have been cancelled. The rain had stopped by then so the prospect of walking the extra distance didn’t bother me.

Much Casiolove to everyone who attended and showed their appreciation, especially the lovely people I met, shout out to Shannon for rocking up and letting me eat some of his chips. *(missed all my meals again today, but did drink 4 bottles of Mogu Mogu Thai Orange drink at the gig, which I just scored before the Asian shop on Brunswick St. shut. Also, word up to the North Indian Taxi driver I had on the way in, one of the most chilled taxi driver’s ever!

Tonight the MT-400 shone like a brilliant star that it was destined to be.

(note to self: Fix battery bay, re-screw in case, add modulation switches, separate outputs etc, also add fake bumper sticker that reads “My other 80’s home keyboard, is an 80’s home keyboard”, or “I’d rather repair a Casio than play a Yamaha”, or even “I wish my wife was this Azn”)

Set List

1. Checkout Chick Blues (in the key of Auto-tune)

2. It Was Just A Metaphor (in the key of Class War)

3. If You Can Afford It, It’s Not Worth Having (Duet with transposer)

4. Half A Poem (of which I read exactly one third)

5. Three Day Week (with added profanities)

6. Artificial Selection (Lebonese Wedding Singer Sound System Version)

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